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  Welcome AMBK & CO

AMKB is a Manufacturing and Exporting company of high quality Beauty Instruments, Hand Tools, Knives, Kitchen and Cutlery Instruments as per customer requirement. Organization is committed to provide good satisfaction to customers through

  • Continually try to keep get best customer's satisfaction and quality standard.
  • Continually try to maintain and improve quality standard.
  • Strictly adhering to the Quality Management System for our operation and monitoring the same periodically as per requirements for its effectiveness.
  • We regularly ensure that our services meet the customer requirements and comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
Departmental Quality Objective  







Quality Control



To increase sale
To increase customers statisfaction level
Production against planning
Reduce rejection rate
To receive material as per spacifications at the lowest cost in time
To reduce stock level
To reduce in process non-conformity in product
To reduce non-conformity in final product
Reduce Breakdown in machine
Increase effectiveness and efficiency
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